Based on the decision of the Government of the Czech Republic from 29th of November we are reopening our Klub from 4.12.2020 (Friday). Due to the fact that the September course was interrupted on 9.10.2020 (Friday), the course will be restarted by Friday lessons. The Klub will therefore start operating on 4.12.2020 (Friday). Then all other lessons will continue according to the original schedule from September’s course.

The interrupted September course will therefore continue from 4.12.2020 and will last until 9.1.2021 (Saturday). Each client will have his day and lesson time guaranteed.

At Christmas, the Klub will normally be closed on 24.12., 25.12., 26.12. and 31.12., 1.1. and 2.1.2021. Clients who are taking their lessons in these days (Thursday – Saturday) will be allowed to replace these 2 lessons in the next course, ie until 3.4.2021, according to the capacity of the Klub.

From 11.1.2021, the beginning of a new course has been announced, which will exceptionally have 12 lessons. The price for the lesson remains the same, ie 393 CZK, or 415 CZK. The whole course is then based on 4.716 CZK for lessons with parents and 4.980 CZK for lessons without parents.

For organizational reasons, so as not to interfere with the summer holidays, the next course will then have 13 lessons, again for a fixed price per lesson (393 CZK /415 CZK).

Everything will be resolved according to the Payment and Cancellation Conditions.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you!

Klub Bublinka