Here you can order and purchase photos with your baby.

Date of Courses

Complete schedules of swimming courses with children from January 2023.

About Pool

The pool is equipped with salting technology, which ensures the biological purity of the water without the use of chemicals.

Our Team

We would like to introduce our team, which consists of 100% professionals with many years of experience.

About Klub Bublinka

Our Club is located in a private house in Prague 6, in Liboc, near Divoká Šárka. In our private – non-public facility we offer individual swimming for infants from 4 weeks in bathtubs (also saltwater) and swimming for toddlers and children in a saltwater pool. The pool is only for swimming of children and their parents, members of the Club, and is not open to other members of the public. To become a member of the Club, you have to pay a fee according to the current price list.